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The Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants

The Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants

For patients who have lost their natural teeth, wearing dentures can be a difficult situation. Not only are they challenging to get used to, but they also limit your enjoyment of foods. Overall, they just don’t feel natural. Luckily, dental implants offer a restorative option that circumscribes these problems entirely. Dental implants first showed up around 30 years ago, and have totally changed the world of prosthetic teeth. If someone you love has struggled with dentures, now is the perfect time to learn about the benefits of dental implants.

Would you like to learn more about implant treatments? Contact Carolina Oaks Dental Care today and Dr. Molly Netzler or Dr. Tait Carpenter will be happy to tell you more about the options and procedures involved. Contact our Clemson, SC dental office today at 864-654-6700 to make an appointment!

1. Stability

With traditional dentures, the plates are connected to the mouth via suction, and sometimes an adhesive substance. With a perfect fit, this is sufficient to hold the prosthetic teeth in place when you chew and speak. The only problem is that dentures frequently lose their perfect fit, since the dimensions of the mouth change once teeth are no longer present in the jaw. Furthermore, hard or crunchy foods can dislodge the plates when chewing. Implant-supported dentures are different because the denture is firmly attached to implant bases, which are stabilized in the facial bones. With secure attachments, they never come loose or require adhesives to stay in place.

2. Comfort

In fact, implants provide such a stable base for the dentures that biting and chewing will feel more natural, all around. Many patients report that eating feels natural again once their implant dentures have been placed. They are also more comfortable because they never rub against the gums. Even when traditional dentures fit perfectly, they put pressure on the gums every time you chew. That’s just how they work. Implant dentures, on the other hand, never rub up against the gums, which makes eating far less uncomfortable. Additionally, you will also be more comfortable overall, knowing that your dentures won’t come loose and embarrass you when you are eating with friends and family!

3. Health and Nutrition

Implant-based dentures give your body and mouth a better chance at staying healthy. As we age, we tend to eat less anyway, so it’s important that our diets stay rich and varied. With traditional dentures, foods that require you to bite and pull are frequently off the menu. With implant-supported prosthetics, you will instead have access to the same range of foods one can enjoy with healthy natural teeth.

Your oral health will also improve, as less friction with dental plates means less gum irritation. Many denture wearers wind up with chronically sore gums and oral lesions. Since irritants of the soft tissues of the mouth have been linked with oral cancers, they may even reduce your risk of developing this disease.

4. Appearance

With implant-based prosthetic teeth, you will appear more confident because you are not embarrassed by the possibility of dentures slipping loose when you are with others–but there’s another factor that affects your appearance: facial degeneration. As you may know, losing your teeth has a long-term affect on your appearance in the form of jawbone diminishment. When tooth roots are no longer present in the jaw, our body stops sending the vital minerals we need to maintain bone tissue. Over a period of a decade or more, the lower jaw slowly shrinks. There is perhaps no greater sign of aging than this. Since the biocompatible titanium implants act as fully functional replacements for your roots, implant dentures prevent this drastic change to your appearance. They let you continue to look like yourself!

5. A Versatile Solution

Because dental implants function more like natural teeth, they offer a greater variety of conservative restoration options. One missing tooth can be replaced with a single implant and a porcelain crown. Lost teeth in only one quadrant of the mouth can be replaced with two implants and a bridge, (a situation that previously could only be corrected with a partial denture). Partial dentures can be attached with only two implants, and more healthy teeth can be preserved. Furthermore, many prosthetics can be made to be permanently attached to the implants, which is great news for patients who cannot care for themselves independently or who may be otherwise more likely to “lose their teeth.” Ultimately, more things are possible with dental implants!

Contact Carolina Oaks Dental Care today to explore whether dental implants might be right for you. Dr. Netzler or Dr. Carpenter will be happy to give you a consultation to assess your situation, and tell you about the options and treatment steps.. Contact our Clemson, SC dental office today at 864-654-6700 to make an appointment!

Why Dental Checkups Are So Important

Why Dental Checkups Are So Important

At Carolina Oaks Dental Care, we want all our patients to have beautiful smiles and healthy teeth—for life! If your family’s teeth are important to you, dental exams are a must for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. From the youngest patient to the oldest, we view every dental appointment as a valuable opportunity to share useful information and prevent conditions that can hinder your quality of life.

Don’t make the common mistake of waiting for a toothache to call the dentist! Bring your family in and we will do everything in our power to make sure your teeth stay clean, healthy, and cavity-free!

Call Carolina Oaks if you need a dentist in Clemson, SC. Drs. Molly Netzler and Tait Carpenter provide gentle, customized care for every member of your family. Contact our office online or at 864-654-6700 to make an appointment.

Why You Need Dental Exams

Teeth are unlike any other part of your body in the simple fact they are totally unable to heal themselves. Our bodies are great at fighting infection, repairing damaged tissues, and even healing broken bones—but the one thing they can’t do is repair a cavity in your enamel.

As dentists, we emphasize prevention as the best medicine, but when cavities occur (and for most people, they will), prompt treatment is the only way to make sure decay does not spread or lead to painful infections.

Regular dental exams give us the opportunity to:

  • Prevent Tooth Decay
  • Catch and Treat Cavities Early
  • Remove Calculus from Hard-to-Brush Areas
  • Learn About Medical Conditions that My Affect Your Teeth and Gums
  • Screen Patients for Signs of TMJ Disorder, Bruxism, and Gum Disease
  • Screen Patients for Signs of Oral Cancers

We aim to provide personalized care, to give our patients everything they need for healthy teeth and gums. In order to do this, we need to see you every six months to check for early signs of cavities, and apply preventive treatments such as fluoride gel and sealants. When it comes to cavities, you want us to catch them as early as possible, when only minor fillings may be needed. Let a cavity go untreated too long, and you may wind up with a painful toothache and in need of a root canal procedure.

Dental cleanings are a valuable part of cavity prevention. Even patients with the best brushing and flossing habits will have hard-to-reach areas of their teeth where calculus (tartar) can develop. That’s just the nature of human mouths. If any amount of plaque is not removed from your teeth, it can harden into insoluble calculus, which can only be removed with the use of professional dental instruments. It’s important to have one of our skilled hygienists give you a dental cleaning every six months to make sure tartar accumulation doesn’t lead to new cavities.

Partners in Your Oral Health

As partners in your health, we view every dental exam as an opportunity to get to know you better. There are several oral health conditions besides cavities that can affect your teeth and gums, and we take the time to make sure we’ve checked you for everything. Conditions like bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ disorder, and gum disease can lead to tooth damage and loss, as well as chronic pain. Dental exams give us the opportunity to learn about your life and habits, and see if any of your symptoms may indicate a health condition that can be diagnosed and treated.

Medical conditions such as pregnancy, acid reflux, and diabetes can also affect the health of your mouth. Seeing a dentist regularly gives you the chance to learn how to prevent possible dental and periodontal effects of such conditions. We help you best when we see you regularly!

Dental Exams for Every Stage of Life

Whether you are a child, teen, adult, or senior–dental exams are a necessary part of good oral health. Each stage of life comes with unique factors that affect your teeth and gum tissue. Dentists and dental professionals are the best people to help you understand those unique factors and keep your smiles healthy and bright. If someone in your family hasn’t been getting the regular dental appointments they need, it’s never too late to get back on track.

Contact our office online or at 864-654-6700 to make an appointment with Dr. Molly Netzler or Dr. Tait Carpenter. Carolina Oaks Dental Care believes a great dental office is a judgment-free zone, where we can work together with you for the best outcomes. if you need a dentist in Clemson, SC, call us today to learn more!