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Dentistry for Kids

Our experienced, caring dentists can help your child get the bright, healthy smile they deserve.

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Your Kids’ Dentist in Clemson, SC

At Carolina Oaks Dental Care, we make dental visits fun and enjoyable for kids. We know that by helping little ones create positive associations with dentistry, they’ll be more likely to keep up with routine care throughout their lives.

Our experienced and gentle team focuses on prevention and education, and we’ll work with you to make appointments stress-free. We’ll treat your child like a superstar, from their first little tooth to that last wisdom tooth.

When Should I Start Taking My Child To The Dentist?

After the first tooth starts to erupt, children should have routine visits to the dentist. This is usually around six months or so. The primary teeth require special care to keep them healthy and strong and create a healthy pathway for the adult teeth to erupt.

Primary teeth will assist in allowing healthy diets and eating routines, create the proper structure for speech development, and provide a healthy start for the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth, or adult teeth, start to show up around the age of 6 or 7 and need strong and healthy roots for continued success.

How Many Times A Year Should My Child See The Dentist?

Like adults, children will need to regularly see their dentist in Clemson twice a year. These visits will consist of regular examinations and a dental cleaning. Routine exams and cleanings can catch early decay, prevent damage, and provide opportunities to make early corrections to flawed or damaged teeth. Every six months – stop in and see the gentle and fun team of dental experts at Carolina Oaks Dental Care. Your kids will love coming here!

What Kind Of Dentistry Is Available For Kids?

Every patient is different and will need different types of dental care or treatment options. At Carolina Oaks Dental Care, we believe in a patient centered approach to dentistry at all ages.

Our focus is creating the perfect, personalized dental plan for your child. We concentrate on providing preventative treatments, diagnosing issues early, and the best in gentle dental care with a personal touch.

We also want to create a relationship with your child that will make them feel comfortable and confident every time they enter our office. To help do this, we offer a wide variety of services that will allow them to stick with a dentist they know and trust. Here are just a few of our services:

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Routine Examinations
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Root Canals
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Mouth Guards for Athletic Activities
  • X-Rays
  • Emergency Dental Treatments

Our patient, fun, and gentle staff is here to deliver complete coverage for the dental care needs of your child. We’ll be here for that first baby tooth all the way to their last permanent tooth.

Dental Care Education

Creating routine dental care and hygiene practices early on in children’s lives helps them keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Our team of kind and compassionate dental hygienists and dentists will carefully instruct your children in proper dental care procedures like flossing, using mouthwash and brushing teeth and gums. We can also show you different fun methods you can do with them to help your kids become even more invested in their dental care.

Creating Trusted Relationships for Continued Dental Health

Everyone in our office works to create personal relationships with you and your children. From our front desk to our dental hygienists to our experienced dentists, we are here for you and your child.

Developing excellent dental habits early creates a foundation for continued dental health. To ensure each child has strong dental health, we make sure every experience in our office will be a positive one.

We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment with a fun and gentle team of dental experts to help your children look forward to every visit.

Dentistry for Kids