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Don’t let missing or damaged teeth stand in the way of living your best life. Removable dentures could be an option to help you get your confident smile back. Schedule a visit or read on to find out if dentures are the right solution for you.

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Why are Dentures Important?

Your mouth needs teeth to work properly. Missing teeth can cause a wide variety of problems that can be damaging to your dental and physical health. Some issues caused by missing teeth include:

  • Increased Chance of Infections
  • Increased Dental Decay
  • More Missing Teeth
  • Teeth Shifting
  • Jaw Pain
  • Weakening of Jawbone
  • Weakening of Dental Structure
  • Early Aging
  • Heart Disease

Replacing your teeth can prevent other serious dental and health issues and revitalize functions like chewing and speaking. Ignoring the missing spaces in your smile is not only uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous.

Why are Dentures Important?

How Do Dentures Work?

While many people know about dentures, they don’t often understand how they perform in the place of teeth.

Dentures are a dental appliance used to replace a full arch of missing natural teeth. They are customized to the individual needs of the patient and are removable for cleaning, care, and during sleep.

How Do Dentures Replace Missing Teeth?

Full dentures use a foundation of acrylic material that is attached over your gums. The base is created to mimic the look and feel of your gums, so you’ll always feel more comfortable and confident.

Lower dentures resemble a horseshoe so they can create a secure but comfortable room for your tongue.

Upper dentures use a plate to cover the roof of your mouth and make room for eating and speaking.

The caring staff at Carolina Oaks Dental Care will patiently and thoroughly guide you through the entire denture process, from design to fitting. The result will be a beautiful new set of teeth that will look and feel natural.

What Is The Procedure For Getting Dentures?

Once your trusted dentist in Clemson, SC determines that you are a candidate for dentures, they will begin the process of creating and fitting customized dentures to your gums and any remaining teeth.

First we’ll create impressions from your jaw and mouth. This impression will then be used to create a model that is tailored to your mouth. Before any dentures are fabricated, the model will be used to ensure your dentures will be a perfect match and fit snugly and comfortably in your mouth. The Carolina Oaks Dental Care staff will work with you to ensure you have the most comfortable and most dependable fit for your dentures.

Once the permanent dentures have been customized and created for you, our team of dental experts carefully begin fitting them to your mouth. During this visit, we will gently guide you through every step of using your dentures. We will also give you thorough and simple care instructions.

What Are The Benefits Of Dentures?

For people with multiple missing teeth, dentures can bring back health and beauty to a flawed smile. They can also make life easier and more comfortable. In fact, there are multiple benefits to denture use, here are just a few:

  • Provide much-needed support for facial muscles.
  • Apply the pressure needed to keep jawbone structure intact.
  • Help you chew food without pain.
  • Help with speech functions.
  • Give you a healthier and more natural looking smile.
  • Prevent further tooth decay or

Losing multiple teeth can be a challenging and very difficult experience, not to mention extremely uncomfortable. Dentures can immediately improve your life and health.

Transitioning to wearing dentures can take some time – don’t worry, our gentle and experienced staff will help you through the entire procedure and make any adjustments you may need.

In the beginning, your dentures will feel awkward and may even be uncomfortable. Don’t ever hesitate to call us if you have any concerns or discomfort; our staff is here to patiently help you make a successful transition to wearing dentures. We will make sure you have a smile you can enjoy and be proud of.