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Occlusal Guards

A custom occlusal guard, or night guard, will protect your teeth from the damaging effects of teeth grinding and clenching.

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What is an Occlusal Guard?

An occlusal guard, also called a night guard or bite guard, is a dental appliance that fits over your upper or lower teeth. “Occlusal” refers to the chewing surfaces of your teeth and an occlusal guard protects these surfaces from damage and wear due to teeth grinding and clenching, technically known as bruxism.

The special mouth guard is a tray made of a BPA-free plastic material. It covers the entire arch of teeth. While over-the-counter occlusal guards are somewhat effective, they don’t provide the same strength, level of protection and comfort as a custom-designed mouthguard created by your Clemson, SC dentist.

Wearing a night guard won’t stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth, but it will provide cushion against the grinding forces and prevent your teeth from wearing down. This is especially helpful if you unconsciously grind your teeth while you sleep. Occlusal guards can also help reduce other bruxism symptoms, such as headaches, jaw and TMJ pain, tooth fractures, facial pain, damaged restorations, and tooth sensitivity.

At Carolina Oaks Dental Care, our goal is to preserve your smile. The right occlusal guard will help us do just that by warding off irreversible damage.

Custom Occlusal Guard

How is My Custom Night Guard Made?

Proper design, strength and fit are vital when it comes to ensuring your occlusal guard will offer the protection your teeth need. That’s why your experienced Clemson, SC dentist will design a custom occlusal guard just for you using the highest quality materials.

To get started, you’ll come in for an appointment at our comfortable office, which is conveniently located across from the 12-mile Recreation Park. A highly trained team member will take an impression of your mouth. We’ll use the impression to fabricate your occlusal guard.

Once your night guard is ready, you’ll swing by our office to pick it up. Before you leave, we’ll test the way it fits and feels and, if needed, make adjustments. Once we achieve the perfect fit, you can begin wearing your occlusal guard at night to prevent damage from bruxism.