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Gentle Tooth Extractions

Constant tooth or jaw pain, swelling gums or sharp pains in your roots can all be signs that a tooth may need to be removed. Tooth extractions don’t have to be stressful when you’re in the reliable and gentle hands of your trusted dentist in Clemson, SC.

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The compassionate and highly trained team of dental experts at Carolina Oaks Dental Care provide stress-free and relaxed tooth extractions. We know a lot of patients have anxiety when it comes to dental procedures like a routine tooth extraction and we help you stay relaxed and comfortable during each step of the process. Your continued dental health and comfort are always our top priorities, during any procedure.

Do I Need My Tooth Extracted?

Extraction procedures are always used to promote the continued health and strength of your teeth. Here are a few reasons you may need a tooth extraction:

  • The tooth is beyond repair and cannot be saved.
  • The tooth is decayed to the point that it has become a threat to the health of surrounding teeth. A single infected tooth can ruin many neighboring teeth and even cause more serious health issues.
  • A tooth is impacted or stuck in the gums. If the tooth is fully impacted, it may cause alignment issues and jaw pain. If the tooth is partially impacted, it creates crevices for bacteria to travel under the gums and infect other teeth.
  • A tooth is blocking the eruption of another tooth.
  • A wisdom tooth is coming in crooked or creating crowding issues for the other teeth. Wisdom teeth are also difficult to care for properly and often cause hygiene and dental health issues.

Am I a Candidate for Tooth Extraction?

Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth extraction. Here are a few precautions to consider before considering an extraction procedure for your tooth:

If you have undergone any chemotherapy treatments recently, you will not be a candidate for the extraction procedure. Chemotherapy patients have weakened immune system due to exposure to radiation. You will need to recover from the chemotherapy before you can consider removing any teeth.

If you have been taking any bisphosphonate medications, you cannot have a tooth extraction. These medications, often used treating osteoporosis, increase risks of decay in the structure and strength of the jaw bone.

Smokers will need to stop smoking altogether for 24 hours, at the very least. Smoking increases the possibility of dry socket, a disease that occurs when the nerves and bones of your teeth are exposed to air. During dry socket, clots are unable to form properly, and the tooth and root system becomes more vulnerable to germs and bacteria.