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Dental bridges are a great way to not only restore your smile, but make everyday activities, such as talking and eating, much easier. Read below to learn more and see if a dental bridge is the right solution for your smile.

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The Dangers of Having a Missing Tooth

Your teeth work together with your jaw in an intricate system that affects your diet, your physical health, and the overall structure of your face. Even a single missing tooth can cause serious issues for your dental health as well as your physical health. Here are just some of the problems that can occur when a tooth is missing:

  • Pain in jaw muscles and bones
  • Pain in facial muscles
  • Jaw bone begins to weaken/decay
  • Gums pull away from teeth, exposing roots to bacteria and disease
  • Face is unsupported and starts to sag, creating early appearance of aging
  • Improper Bite
  • Teeth tilt or collapse toward the empty socket.
  • Make dental hygiene more difficult
  • Spreading of infection or tooth decay to other teeth
  • Teeth that are above or below may start to shift into the empty spot, creating more pain and issues for remaining teeth.

The Dental Bridge

A dental bridge replaces the missing tooth with a custom-made restoration that is carefully anchored to neighboring teeth for support.

These restorations look beautiful, feel comfortable and can last a long time. Plus, they are very easy to care for, just treat them like you do your natural teeth. Dental bridges are a wonderful option when a tooth or a couple of teeth are missing. Our patients love how natural their dental bridges look and feel; it’s like having a brand new smile.


They are happy and have the brightest smile


“I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone was. I love the location, its very convenient to where I work so making it very easy to visit during my lunch hour. Just a great experience, would definitely recommend”

Scott M

“After moving around the country the last few years I am embarrassed to admit making time for dentist appointments was not a high priority. I went in for a check up and cleaning today and they made me feel very comfortable and welcome. My cleaning was more than a bit over due and I was expecting
to be very sore after. Just the opposite, she was very gentle and understating of my procrastination. I made my next appointments with no hesitation. Pleasant experience and that says a lot when it refers to a dentist appointment”

Michele Z.

“Couldn’t be happier! The staff are so friendly and personable; appointments are quick yet thorough. The best service I’ve ever received at a dentist office.”

Jenni C.


“The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful!!! I did not hesitate to refer my family and friends.”

Angela W.

“Great dentist office in awesome location…staff is extremely nice, professional, and accommodating. Would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist.”

Mike W

“I am so happy I decided to pick Carolina Oaks as my new Dentist! They are so friendly. If you need a new dentist, go here! You won’t regret it!”

Lauren G.

Leave with a Complete Smile

Carolina Oaks Dental Care loves bringing dental health and comfort to our neighbors and friends in the community. If you have a missing tooth, don’t wait any longer. Come in and we’ll restore your smile and boost your dental health. Call us today at 864-654-6700 and we’ll get started repairing those missing teeth. You’ll walk out with a brand new confidence and beaming with a healthier smile!

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